Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Repost-Religion/Beliefs by Kierstin

Are you Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Wicca,'s an extremely long list. As a teenager it's even harder to figure out what you do and do not believe. I mean decisions that should be simple have to be so much more complicated. I do it all day long. "This shirt or that one?" "What for lunch?" "Say something, don't say something." "Breathe, don't breathe." Okay so the last one I'm kidding but really, think about it. You see an apple and a banana. One of your friends takes two seconds and grabs one but you have to stand there and argue with yourself for five minutes about which one you want. These decisions seem all important, let alone deciding whether you believe in a 'higher power'.

Some of us have a hard time accepting a religion/belief because something just doesn't seem right to you. Christians believe in Heaven and Hell, but what if you don't accept a God that tosses you in fire to burn in agony because you screw up? Mormons believe that if you don't get baptized together with your family in the temple you won't be together when you pass over. Religion and beliefs can be really scary and in fear of something happening you might join them.

I don't want to point you in any directions or tell you to believe this or that. I just want to let you know that just because you don't believe in something someone else does, does not mean you are strange or 'lost' as some will say. Take your time and don't let anything influence you but your own beliefs and feelings. I don't think that I will ever say I'm a specific religion. I just say I'm a believer of a 'higher power'. I've experienced things that cannot be explained away and so has my family and friends. For all I know they all exist and they watch over those that believe in them. I just know that 'higher power' exists and I hold onto that. Basically to sum all this up just remember this. We cannot and will not know the truth until the time comes when we pass away.

Other's may be able to influence your mind and feelings but they can't change who you are and what you are meant to be. At least that's what I believe to be true. ^_^


Wiccan Things said...

Thank you for allowing me to repost this Kierstin. This has got to be one of the most intelligent takes on faith I have seen by a teenager in a very long time and I felt that my blog readers would appreciate it as much as I have. BB )0(