Monday, March 8, 2010

Toxic Water-The Slow Killing Of Our Waterways

We have all been aware of our waterways being polluted by industrial waste as well as our own for many years. We are aware of it but what have we really done to correct it? Truth is, we can modify our own behavior but how do we modify others behavior and then begin to "heal" the water and the earth surrounded by, and beneath It? We will be discussing some of those issues here.

I remember growing up going to Gunnison Bend Reservoir in the small town I grew up in. Delta, Utah was, and remains very much an agricultural area. That means there are cattle being raised in the area. That goes without saying. As I grew older I discovered what people were doing with the carcasses of animals that had died and was sickened to learn that they had been being dumped into the reservoir for years.

Now, that is rather disgusting in and of itself, however, I suppose that I could look at it as at least they biodegrade. Right? Well, yes they do but that is still just creepy. Now, I bring this up as over the past few years there have been "mercury level" warnings and bans on fishing or warnings about eating the fish caught in Utah waters. Now the question arises, how did mercury levels get so high? The answer? Car batteries. I have found out from locals that there are tons of them full of lead and mercury that have been being dumped into the water for years.

We know that there has been dead animals, batteries, raw sewage, run off of road grime, salt from ice melt used during the winters......but at what point did we stop and evaluate what all of those in concert were doing when we add in industrial waste? We have and so has the government. We have the E.P.A. that from what I have seen has done a mediocre job at best at policing the illegal dumping of these toxins into our waterways.

Why have they done such a poor job, or it appears that they have been? It is my personal opinion that there are bribes being made by huge corporations to the "officials" at some level. This is just my opinion so this isn't meant to slander anyone. It IS public knowledge that some of these worst polluters pay handsomely into political campaign contributions and therein lies a major problem.

How do we now correct the problem? Do we impeach them all? Do we do an investigation to find out who is taking bribes? None of these are really within our power. What is in our power is to begin looking at candidates for government that support a "green" platform and will stick to their guns. In addition, we can come together as a global population and begin changing our behaviors AND being HEALING the damage that we have caused.

Back to the message that was sent to me on Facebook. A fellow Wiccan sent me a message regarding a movement that was begun by a Native American to have a Water Healing Energy Raising. I am including this information here as it is the inspiration for this article and I want to invite everyone, regardless of faith or belief to participate. Hold ritual, prayer, or whatever you wish to call is all the same just different names, and let's raise healing energy and begin to reclaim and repair our waterways so our children and their children's children will have clean water in the future.

According to the website this is a "global effort to come together worldwide, To heal the Earth and it's waters which are increasingly threatened and so very crucial to our survival here on this planet". The website to read more and connect is HERE. Please join myself, and countless others for this monumental energy raising ceremony.

At the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers Conference in Sedona, Arizona USA on December 6, 2009, a message came that we are to reach out to all belief systems to manifest energy for our planetary waters on May 18, 2010. Through the astrological realms, planetary alignments indicate that May 18, 2010 would give us the most powerful energies to manifest pure and abundant waters for all nations.

Thank you to Amanda for bringing me this information and brightest blessings to you all for paying attention and joining me in getting the word out about this important, and very critical task of healing our Earth and her waters.

Nathan Jeffery

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Arlen Madsen said...

I am 100% agreement with you on this one! I don't know how many river clean ups i have done and it always makes me so @#@! p.o.ed when i see what people do to them I remember one where we cleaned a small river near where i grew up and this stretch of the rive was about 2 miles... WE FOUND 2 Refrigerators 2 @#@$@ refrigerators! COME ON MAN! who do you think is going to pick that @#@!@ up! ok done venting! Great post as always!

Wiccan Things said...

Very disgusting to be sure. There is a bumper sticker I have seen and used to sell that says, "Take care of the Earth, it's not Uranus" That says it all and I hope more people learn that. We are made up of mostly water so we better start thinking about that!!!

Laura Newton said...

Thank you for this post Nathan. Being an environmentalist, consumer advocate of sorts and water filter distributor, this is very disconcerning. Water is what makes up most of our earth and our bodies. We must take care of both to sustain life on our precious planet or we will all die by our own careless ways. However, more folks are now becoming more aware of the negative environmental impacts of our human carelessness, and are now starting to make small changes for the better. Small things like re-cycling can have a major effect on our environment. I have completly stopped bying bottled water and I re-cyle almost everything. I am so happy when I see posts like this, because it really makes people stop and think. Thanks again Nathan.

Damayanthi Jayasinghe said...

Hi Nathan, This is happening all over the world. We find this happening here where some beaches are unsafe for swimming. We all look forward to take little kids to the beaches and they had to be closed because of the actions of small group of people.

Thanks for this - as always a great post.


wiccawitch4 said...

no thank you Nathan! i really believe we need to start coming together all people no matter our race, religion, creed, or culture and start taking care of our earth mother so she will be here for our children and our children's children. many blessings Nathan!


Wiccan Things said...

To you as well. Thanks again for the idea and for bringing this critical announcement forward to me so we can act on this! Brightest blessings. )0(

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